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I want to reach out to you, the reader. As you may know, a start-up company or brand can only survive with support from the public. Many people think that the only way they can show such support is by placing an order, but this isn't the case. I'd like to now specify ways that you, the reader, could help support SilverSide without spending anything!

Social Media

Social media is a huge platform in the modern day. Everyone is on social media from celebrities to your grandmother. By "Liking" and sharing SilverSide on Facebook, along with our posts, you help us to reach people with our content that otherwise wouldn't see it. If you have 200 friends on Facebook, perhaps only 30 people will see the post that you shared, but perhaps a few of those friends will be interested and share a post themselves. This creates a chain reaction that is only beneficial, and costs nothing. Other ways of helping us on social media are to "Follow" us on Instagram or to "Tweet" about us on Twitter. Anything that you can do to support us on social media is a massive help.


Stickers are a fantastic way for brands to get some truly underground guerrilla-style marketing. You'd be surprised how often your eye gets drawn to a sticker or a poster stuck on a wall, lamp post or bin. We give away free stickers with every order at SilverSide, which means even after placing an order you can continue to support us. However, if you haven't placed an order, drop us an email at and request some stickers from us, we'll be happy to send you some in the post. Try sticking them up in random places around your local area!

Blogs So many people write their own blogs these days - it's a fantastic way of getting your voice heard and perhaps making a little extra spending money in the process. If you have a blog of your own, or know someone who does, get in contact with us via our email or social media pages. We'd love to provide some content for you to blog about!

Review Us By leaving us a positive review on Facebook or Yelp you are helping to support us. Often when people are shopping online, they are reluctant to buy from a small business incase it's a scam, or incase the product is poor quality. By leaving us positive reviews you help to assure these people of SilverSide's legitimacy and quality. After all, we are a premium quality headwear brand! Word of Mouth

Arguably the most effective form of marketing - word of mouth is a simple way of supporting us. It's more than just rambling on and on about this "fantastic new headwear brand" that you've discovered, it's suggesting us to a friend when they're looking for a new beanie or mentioning us to a local clothing or skate shop. There are so many unique opportunities daily where by talking about SilverSide would be an easy way for you to support us.

These are not the only ways that you can support us, far from it. But any support that you can give is a massive help to us and we would be truly grateful for. Thank You.

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