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SilverSide 'Three' Signature Snapbacks

We have received many messages from people asking about new designs and products, so I wanted to answer all these questions in one place. "When will you be adding new designs?" We started the brand about 3 months ago and tried to create a varied line of styles and designs as our initial range. However, in that time we've not been sat here doing nothing - we have many, many designs that we are waiting to put into production. How quickly we can achieve this is ultimately down to you. The higher our turn-over, the quicker we can stock new designs! "What will you be adding next?" Our current plan-of-action is to expand the range of Snapbacks and introduce some new products into the mix. At this time, we're not quite ready to reveal what these new products will be - we have to keep some mystery after all! "C'mon, give us a hint at what new products you're gonna add?" Well if you insist, but we're keeping a few secrets! Within the next year we plan to introduce 5-panel caps and bucket hats to our catalog. We're also looking into adding in some entirely new products, but we're not ready to disclose what just yet! "When will you be adding a new 'Collection'?" Again, ultimately it's a case of "when we have the funds." We have a couple of ideas for Limited Edition Collections that we want to put into practice and we're also trying to get our Seasonal Collections up-and-running. "What do you mean by Seasonal Collections?" The Seasonal Collections will consist of 2 runs of Limited Edition designs per year. One beginning in Spring, the other in Autumn. These Seasonal Collections will allow us to explore design ideas that are best suited to certain times of the year, focusing more on Caps over the Summer and Beanies over the Winter. "It's Spring, when will you be unveiling your first Seasonal Collection?" We are planning our first Seasonal Collection for Autumn and honestly - we can't wait. Some of the ideas we have planned are truly exciting! What it comes down to is this - with every order we receive, we're one step closer to having our new designs put into production. So if you've seen a product that you like - please place an order. It does so much more than simply "line our pockets" - it helps us to grow. Thank you.

SilverSide Legacy Collection Beanies

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