will be unavailable for a short period.

Hello all.

We will be taking offline for a short period in order to perform some crucial maintenance on the website.

We have decided that we should take advantage of this downtime and give the entire website a face-lift. As we have mentioned in previous posts - running a brand is a learning experience. We don't feel that the website's look is in-keeping with the brand.

Originally we went for an urban, gritty feeling with a sharp style, but we have since decided that the time is right to try something different. We're taking a more modern, stylish approach that we feel better represents the quality of the products.

In the mean time, you can still order our products via contacting us on Facebook, Instagram or via Email. You can find the necessary contact information at the foot of this post.

We're really excited about the changes that are being made to the website, and we look forward to unveiling them to you in the New Year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

SilverSide Headwear.


Instagram: @SilverSideHeadwear


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